Thursday, 14 August 2008

Shii's Song

WEEKS ago, my friend James introduced me to Shii via a post in that_message_board that I used to frequent. And ever since I first saw the video on, I have loved the song mainly for the nice melody and the solemn message. The video, Shii's song, is a flash rendition of Shii the cat singing her version of Wind's Nocturne.

I loved the song enough for me to consider replacing the current playing song on the background ("Where Love Doesn't Reach") with it. But I decided against it in the end. =P

Still, I have the song playing continuously whenever I'm at the office and there's nobody else around, especially when I want to sleep. Hehe. It's very much relaxing, both for mind and spirit, and it helps me snooze off quickly (while on duty, that is.) ^^,

Note: Post updated to suit the standard BLUE PHOENIX style.

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