Monday, 18 August 2008

On Philippine Current Events

IT seems I am yet again breaking my word with this post. I had, time and again, said that I'll try to keep this blog free from political posts because that is how I really wanted this to be. But I just can't let the things happening in Mindanao to just pass by. It just had to stop.


There. That's my stand. I had given up believing that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front is really fighting for a peaceful Moro land in the country's second largest island. I'm not totally against autonomous regions in this country (but I seriously doubt they're for the best), but what this group is asking for (BJE) is something that goes against my books in so many ways.

Really, why the need for autonomy, if not just asking for POWER? Why ask for division, when there is not even cooperation within their ranks?

The recent bouts of violence that transpired in Lanao today clearly shows that the peace treaty with the MILF will not be different from that with the MNLF. In other words, the MoA-AD will not provide a lasting solution to the peace problems in Mindanao. Scrap it all. Destroy the MILF, and seek other ways to achieve a peaceful Mindanao.

MILF problems aside, there is another matter I decided to include in this post. Since I'm straying away from the usual mood of this blog, I might as well pull out all the stops.

First of all, I am no fan of reality shows, much more those talent searches. But my parents had been watching Pinoy Idol on GMA7, and since the show was airing during dinner time on the past Saturdays, I had no choice but to watch it as well. As a matter of fact, I didn't care who'd win the effing show several weeks ago, but the announcement of winners last night just got my blood boiling.

I don't claim to be good in music. Heck, I even disagree with my younger brother as regards his definition of the term (I don't count much of the emo songs these days as 'music'). But I'm sure many will agree when I say that the winner, Gretchen Espina, is not deserving of the title, "Pinoy Idol." I don't give a damn about Ogie Alcasid's excuses (that the winner was determined via text votes), the whole damn show was a farce in the end! This winner doesn't even have the star potential, I highly doubt she'll make it big.

Two thumbs down to the frikkin' TV network for fooling the viewers! I really respected GMA network, thinking it values honor much more than rival ABS-CBN. But no, they're both worthless.

So now, I'm sticking to anime. At least Code Geass managed to salvage whatever respect I had left for it, with R2 episode 19.

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