Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Finding Our Purpose

I suppose I should make a follow-up to the post immediately preceding this (or something of the matter). Ahhmm... But I don't think I have enough to say about the environment at this point to make another full blog update. Oh well, I think I'd just blog about that-which-came-upon-me- through-the-usual-channels. =P

What I'm talking about? The animated movie from Pixar, Wall-E, which is a nice film over-all, that's what. And yeah, it's not yet released in this part of the Globe planet. Hehe.

Alright, let's all glance over the_usual_channels I spoke of, and just focus on the film. It basically succeeds in it's objectives as a kiddie movie (er... was there ever one?). Nice graphical renditions, good storyline, a nice plot (pretty straightforward without any plot twists) - in other words, kids should enjoy it. (I'm a kid at heart anyway, so at least count me in). ^^,

The reason why I thought a review of WALL-E is a good follow-up to the preceding post is that this movie also talks about the ill-effects of bastardizing the environment. Set in a gloom futuristic earth, the movie very much implants a clear picture of how the planet may end up if the pollution problem is left unchecked. In other words, the planet will die and human beings may be forced to settle in outer space.

WALL-E succeeds in reaching out to the viewers plainly because of a very simple approach (ie., a children's film approach). It also manages to relay it's message effectively, if I may add. And the movie also proves that there's no need for in-depth, fancy dialogs to build up a nice story about love between two (seemingly) sentient robots. (Well yeah, I didn't expect that the two can very well carry out a conversation despite their ability to only say "woll-eee" and "ee-vee")

But if there is something the movie wanted to convey to the audience, I think it would be: we should all act to save the planet because no one else will do that for us. We should at the very least find our purpose, our part in the collective effort to save the planet. And after knowing what we are to accomplish, we should put them into action and not wait until things are already too late.

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