Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Abrupt Changes

In the light of several events that happened over the past few days, I've decided to effect several changes to my plans (both short- and long-term ones). The core objectives are likely the same, but I'm gonna do some major overhaul over the plan of actions.

This is basically why I didn't bother blogging for a whole week - I figured that I needed to think back and pinpoint what exactly I must be doing for the future (and yeah, I'm largely referring to money matters here). Among many other things, this blog's direction is also greatly affected, since I'm abandoning a few plans I thought of setting into action (well, like putting google ads, for instance).

My immediate course of actions include wrapping a few loose threads here and there, and preparing for the bigger goals I've set. I just hope I can bring my ideas to reality, and finish those I must. Two years more 'til I can go to the next levels - can't wait (ie., my resignation letter is pretty much full of reasons/justifications right now). XD

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writemum said...

hello there jherrie...could relate to your sentiments about turning into a nocturnal animal, etc.