Friday, 15 August 2008

Planting in Ipo Reservoir

SINCE I have been harping much about environmental awareness lately, I thought it’s about time that I really do some concrete actions and get my hands dirty by actually doing… something. =P

So, I took advantage of an opportunity that came swinging my way – a tree planting activity organized by our company. Get that. Organized. By. The. Company. And yeah, we were kinda paid to do so. ^^,

Alright, alright, I don’t wanna sound like a hypocrite here. I’d still do it even if I weren’t given a one-day community service leave. Anyway, I could do with the exercise (and the trek) as I’ve been increasing my body mass index (BMI) ever since I was relocated in my new office, and, more importantly, I love plants (need I elaborate, or should I just point you guys to one of those posts preceding this one?) =P

Oh yeah, this is where we planted the narra seedlings:

Ipo Dam - Supplying, ehem, clean water in Metro Manila
Ladies and gentlemen, Ipo Dam – one of the three reservoirs that provide a steady supply of water to the capital city (er, if my memory serves me right, it’s the smallest of the three – with the La Mesa topping the list, and Angat the second). So yeah, you people in the capital might soon be drinking the water that washed my feet after the tree planting. Hehe. ^^,

The activity was fun, although very short. As a matter of fact, our travel time far greatly exceeded the duration of the tree planting (we only planted for about an hour vs. the more than 5hour-journey). And while I was replanting the seedlings, I was also noting the environment (feeling adventurer/explorer, hehe).

There were lots of giant forest millipedes, and of course, mosquitoes! XD Too bad I left my camera phone behind – I was afraid it may fall on the water, as we had to ride a boat to get to the planting site – I’d have taken lots of pictures of the things I found there (yeah, there were wild *orchids*, but they’re not in bloom, or else I’d have snitched them and brought them home *joke*).

Despite the fact that I was only able to plant at most 50 seedlings (I was hoping to get a most-planted-seedlings-award, haha!), the activity was satisfying enough. I did manage to accomplish much, if not all, the goals I’ve set – ie., getting away from work, sweating out excess poundage, and going places. I really look forward to doing this again (next year, since we only have on community service leave per year). =P

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