Thursday, 27 March 2008

Things I Missed (?)

After venting out on my previous post, it's about time to get back on the usual mood in this place. Allow me, dear readers, to get back to writing with the usual optimistic point of view that seeks to see the brighter side of things. =P

Alright, I had business to attend to in Makati two weeks ago, so I took one of those rare chances to roam around the business district, in which I used to be based two years ago. I didn't really miss the place, as I've been dropping by every now and then, but the rush of nostalgia just got the most of me.

I guess I'd better give the details before going on to the main topic. As usual, I started out quite late - the meeting I was attending was supposed to be at 10AM but I was able to ride a bus at around 7AM. Of course, travel time from my place to Makati was over 3 hours long if the bus I ride is not fast (or if the traffic's quite heavy).

Good thing that the trip was quite uneventful until I reached North Avenue in Quezon City where I planned to take the MRT (as I was afraid of the heavy traffic in Cubao and Ortigas if I had taken another bus instead). However, there was a major delay in the MRT coz of the sheer amount of passengers who are apparently thinking the same way as me. XD

So, to cut the long story short, I was late for the meeting, which didn't last as long as I've expected. So, I grabbed the opportunity to stroll around! LOLz =P

While shopping around for some things I'd be needing for the upcoming company beach outing, I realized that there are so many things I used to detest back when I was working in that area. But along with that is the realization that I kinda missed those. And what are those, you may ask?

  1. Long Queues at Payment Counters
  2. Crowd
  3. Traffic
  4. Riding Jeepneys to work!

Honest! =P

Yeah, those four are the top things I bid adieu to when I was transfered to Team ACeS more than a year ago. I never thought about it, but I guess these are among the things that are truly an integral part of everyday living back then which I was just fed up with to the point that I had forgotten I used to hate them back then. (Whew! That's a pretty long sentence right there!) 0_0;

I seem to have forgotten that back in those days where I'd be always on the rush to get to work, I'd hurriedly take the first jeepney to come my way. And then, I'd pray to God that I won't get caught in traffic, nor get stuck in the underground walkways. There's always the scramble to get to log on to the time keeping system (there are always a long queue!) - all of those even before the workday begins!

Haha! Times and people do change. Those things I detest are something that make me smile when I feel like reminiscing these days.

Oh yeah, my trip concluded with me lugging around all the stuff I bought. Shopping was really not part of the plan, but I was lucky enough to be there on a mall sale. =P

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