Monday, 10 March 2008

Looking Back and Moving Forward

It's more than a week since I last posted something. My inactivity is rather caused by the notorious writers' block, although I can say that I'm just too lazy to come up with something. :P

Yeah, when the dreaded block strikes, even the most veteran of writers will have to yield to it's power. That, or try to overcome it.

In my case, there are several remedies that are quite effective in dealing with the accursed affliction. Perhaps when I have compiled them all, I can post it here in the future. However, most of those remedies have proven to be not working when I'm just too lazy and distracted.

Yup, I had been distracted. One, I was trying to recover from a nasty combo of depression and cold. So, both my mental and physical faculties are not in the optimum condition and I really didn't try to push myself to write.

Second would be that I didn't come upon any suitable topic to blog about. Sure there are lots of things that caught my interest, but none of them are suited for this blog. Although, I may add, there had been some stuff that had me rushing (almost) to my pc and type away. However, at the moment the idea struck, I had my hands full with other matters that I let the thought pass me by.

Then, there come moments such as this one, when I'm not so busy with stuff and my mind gets in the mood to bring back fond memories. And with the rush of those memories, my fingers suddenly desires to mate with the keyboard and produce some compositions.

So yeah, looking back helps me to move forward and not allow my writing skills to stagnate. In the next couple of hours, a few more posts will be put up after this one (I hope!) ^_^

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