Monday, 10 March 2008

Planning and Re-planning

Planning and, when the times really call for it, re-planning is an art. Really.

Those two are some of the things that I usually preoccupy myself with. Not that I just love to plan things out, but I make plans (and/or change them) because I enjoy the fleeting feeling of happiness and satisfaction that accompanies those moments when I see things happening according to plan.

In that sense, planning is really an art, don't you agree?

Planning and re-planning is an art. Really.Alright, I was kinda bluffing actually :P

While I do enjoy seeing my plans actually being set into action, I generally get disappointed when I have to re-organize everything. But sometimes, re-planning is also good. Especially when there are too many flaws on the original plan. Or, when the time tables are just not right.

Well, I do have several of those plans that have been re-planned over and over again that I no longer think about the original draft. One of those is my plan to get a leaner body (something I'm striving for ever since I can remember) XD

So, I'll be missing my target to have those washboard abs (wishful thinking LOLz) in time for summer. For the nth time already, I'll be moving my deadline for the next summer season. I just hope all this re-planning will end sometime soon. >_<

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