Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Uhmm... My First Rant =P

These days, my inherent love for traveling is quite diminishing. It took me some time to know what cause is directly behind it, but I'm sure that such thing happens when one gets fed up with the not-so-good sides of public transportation. ~_~

It had not been too long ago when I wrote that I love traveling coz it allows me to ruminate in my own corner while watching the sceneries passing by. Although that factor is still significant for me, I guess it no longer counts that I ruminate while aboard public buses.

Lately, it is being quite a hassle to take the buses I usually ride to go to work. There had been one which broke halfway (I was bound for home then), and I had to transfer to another bus just to get home. Don't get me wrong, I'm not being fussy about a small thing such as bus transfers, it just happened that we were stuck in the middle of the darkest stretch of the road with the chance to be stranded for the night. Of course, I was frustrated not just because I was too tired carrying my things (which were quite heavy) but because I was trying to get home early (for several reasons).

I usually ride buses of the same bus company as that one I was talking about, and they're mostly full and hot (coz it's summer already). Also, they are quite slow moving and they usually stop at every major intersection to get passengers, such that a 3-hour trip will take 4. And yeah, the buses have no airconditioners, so you may add that bit, too (although I don't mind it much).

Why not take other buses, you may ask? Other buses that ply the same route have their own idiosyncrasies, but I'll be only unnecessarily lengthening this post further if I post all those here. The point is, I seem to be wearing out from such travels.

Perhaps this is a prodding to make me get a car? ~_~ Sadly, I can only wish for one. Buying my own car will surely still be a long way down the road.

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