Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Roaming in Valhalla

While I'm at home, my Y!messenger status will likely be "Valhalla." Of course I didn't give it much thought that there'd be some who'd misinterpret it. LOLz.

Actually, I was hoping that the misinterpretation would be something like I'm walking in the legendary hall of the fallen heroes of Norse mythology. But to my surprise, a friend of mine commented one time, "Panget yang Valhalla, subukan mo na lang 'tong game na to..." (That Valhalla game sucks, try this one instead...) :P

Owkay, to set things straight, my messenger status meant that I was roaming, er, actually playing in Philippine Ragnarok Online's second (stress on the word second, not last) free-to-play (F2P) server, Valhalla. This server used to be Thor, but since the population there dropped to very low levels, Level Up! Games Philippines made it an F2P server and drastically changed the way they do business.

Anyway, I'm quite active there now for two important reasons, 1. It's F2P and I can log in anytime I want without thinking about running out of paid game time (as opposed to the other pay-to-play, P2P, servers); 2. I've found a new family in the form of my guildmates in the Fanfare Secret Cafe guild.

Oh yeah, I guess I haven't gotten around to write about the guild, even if it's almost a month already into existence. To keep it short, let's just say that Anna and I decided to leave Valkyrie a few weeks ago coz of the crappiness of that server, and settle in Valhalla. Part of the decision was that several other tambays (regulars) of the fanfic section of ragnaboards have their characters in that server long before they quit playing, and that everyone seemed to be thinking of putting up a guild.

Seeking another home server was quite difficult, especially since we've invested (financially, that is) much on Valkyrie. WTH, I've even placed my Note Head Phone in that server (said headgear is very much rare, unless one wants to buy another Memory of Ragnarok OST). But choices have to be made, and with the constant disconnections, omnipresent lag, and ever-present difficulties in logging into Valkyrie as opposed the fairly stable Valhalla, we made the tough decision.

So, off to Valhalla Anna and I went. Within a few hours of playing, her now new boyfriend, Jet, joined us (back then I knew there was something going on in Jet's mind). :P And with the help of RB's Indulgence, we created the first Fanfare guild with Anna as the guildmistress. That first guild was quite short-lived, however, since Anna didn't want to head the guild. We therefore created a new one, which Mai now leads.

And with the new members who subsequently joined us, we've managed to reach guild level 2, and our guild roster is full. Now, we're making nifty plans for the year ahead.

I say, full speed ahead mates!

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rei said...

whoah~ i've invested so much in valkyrie already,.. /sob

sana makita ko kayo kahit in game? haha

P.S Anna ang name ng gf ni kuya jet! huwaaw!