Friday, 25 January 2008

Cause and consequence

There are those who would say that they did something because somebody is bound to do it. A good example would be the bot, or programs designed to play some game for a gamer who doesn't want to play 24/7.

There's this popular bot program for the game I'm addicted to, Openkore. It is an open-source software that is quite resilient to the various measures that the game providers put up, and is still widely-used these days. As there are no tangible results from the numerous security measures that Gravity placed to counter this program, many are half-thinking that perhaps the company itself is not serious as regards disabling the bots, also called gundams and motmots in-game.

A few months ago, Master Diwa interviewed one of those who created the program. Under the name, Kaliwanagan (enlightenment), the programmer answered most of the questions that pRO players wanted to ask. A special question struck me as very much peculiar, "Why did you create OpenKore?" (or something to that sense). Kaliwanagan's reply was, "Because someone is bound to do it."

This is something that had me thinking ever since. Of course, there are other instances wherein the instigator did it because, "someone else is bound to do it."

But if my opinion is to be sought, I'd say that I'm not one to believe in such. Sure there are those who are bound to do it, but if I wouldn't want to do it, I won't, especially if the consequences are pestilential to others.

Not because I can do something, I will do it. There are some things that can have devastating consequences, and it takes a great sense of responsibility and moral fiber to always consider the results of one's actions before carrying them out. If ever presented with the chance, I definitely will not do anything that might wreak havoc and widespread devastation. (Well, I can always dream that I'll be made to make world-changing decisions, right?) :P

I guess there are just those who are content with unleashing their powers for the whole world to see. I won't say that I won't admire their intellectual capacities if they are really to be admired for their wit. But I will admire them more, honor them even, if when they find out that their "skillful endeavors" resulted to catastrophes, they would do ways to rectify their errors. Then, they'll truly deserve greatness.

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redkinoko said...

During the modkore days, we thought LevelUp would do its part in making sure bots will only took up a small percentage of the population (as with iRO circa 2005). As with most technologies, the original kore flavors was intended for the elite technically-capable few.

I'm sure not even VCL wouldve expected pRO to embrace botting.