Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Reasons and destinations

As I look back on the various events that have led me to where I am today, I can't help but believe that things do happen for a reason. Every little thing, any small annoyance, all the great moments of happiness - they all serve a greater purpose. Of course, I'm still not so sure what the grand plan behind the scheme of things are. But I guess there'll come a time when the things I do not know yet will be revealed to me.

In time, I got to know to what purpose some things serve. Small stuff like my inability back during fourth year high to choose which course I'd take led me to the path of electronics engineering. My writing skills, for which I was turned down during my initial attempt to apply in the company I'm working now, had been put to great use when I landed my first job as a magazine writer/researcher. And then, the internal management problems in that magazine made me decide to try a technical job again at that crucial moment when my current company was in dire need of manpower.

So, yeah, the series of ups and downs in my professional career has led me to Smart ACeS. I need not enumerate the difficulties I have had before I adjusted to this work, nor do I have to list down all the hardships I've gone through during the cadetship that seem to amount to nothing at all. As of the moment, I'm quite sure that all those events have led to my being employed at ACeS, but I'm not yet certain that my stay in this company will last longer than 5 years at most.

"If the destination isn’t worth your journey, it is never really your destination at all."If life is truly a journey, I guess I won't be mistaken when I say that the destination is still a far way to go. There'll still be hardships, difficult turns, several stopovers and moments of even more confusion, gladness, discontent, and fulfilment before I come up to some destination. But of course, as I've written down in my short novel, Jorg: Metaphysical Alchemy, "If the destination isn’t worth your journey, it is never really your destination at all."

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