Sunday, 10 February 2008

The Tale of teh iRL Wedding

Yeah, I still haven't updated my blog as frequently as I used to, even if I mentioned in a previous post that I'd be more active on this after submitting the PA report. Well, there had been too many things that kept me busy so I wasn't able to write. Anyway, right now I've got time to jot down the events that transpired yesterday, so ladies and gentlemen, I present the tale of teh iRL wedding. :P

First of all, pRB's Mage Teferi (one of the pillars of the Fanfare Secret Cafe Valhalla guild), or Timothy in real life, tied the knot in a lavish Church wedding complete with a sumptuous dinner reception at Paco Park last night. I alloted quite a lot of time for traveling just to arrive on time; and even though I was rather very early, I'm not complaining since I'd rather not be late. It was good that traffic was at the minimum yesterday, so I met up the other members of the guild way earlier than the call time at Robinsons Place Manila.

While waiting for the others to arrive, Mai, Gwon, Mikan and me went around the mall, which had changed a lot since I had last been there (about more than a year ago). Our quest led us to Gashapon Paradise (LOLz) wherein the three tried their luck in acquiring the rare toys that were up for grabs. It was in the toy shop wherein we waited until Abbe and Jet arrived, after which we stayed in the nearby Coffeebean and Tea Leaf until Jason and Anna came and we left for Paco Park.

The group was able to give well wishes to the groom shortly before the start of the wedding ceremony, which started at around 6:30PM. Anyway, I'd rather not give further details on the ceremony, for fear of religious prosecution for what we've been doing during the mass (ie., not listening intently to the officiating priest, among others) :P

pRB's Nilathiel joined us while the newlyweds were having their pictures taken inside the church with the guests. After several wacky shots, we dashed outside to get to our table that we found occupied by some other people; we settled for one in the corner wherein we resumed our conversations while waiting for dinner (we were quite oblivious to the reception activities as our location prevented us from seeing much of the festivities) *details of the conversation deliberately removed to prevent international conflicts among nations* :D

After dinner, and getting our wedding souvenirs, we bid the couple farewell and went on to our next destination, Starbucks Vito Cruz, wherein Jet treated us to some frappes as it is his birthday today.

Again, congrats Tim! Happy birthday Jet!

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