Monday, 25 February 2008

Field With Floating Fish

My previous post states that I've recovered from my depression. Actually, I've gotten over it after the trip to a "floating" restaurant in the middle of the rice fields - Isdaan (Fishery). I didn't take pictures since my companions had theirs, which of course yield better pictures than my cellphone camera. Still, I have this snapshot to share at the moment (I'll post the other pictures when I receive copies):

This place had been featured in Philippine national TV long ago, but I may have failed to listen intently back then since I didn't know that this has a good restaurant aside from the "Taksiyapo" wall.

Jenna, Joy, Aiza, Jasper, Darrel, Ma'am Prescy, Jerome and me went there as a formal get-together since Jerome recently went back here from California (where he is based now). Yup, he treated us to dinner! ^_^

The food was really good, and the place was high class - perfect for the occasion (Jerome's homecoming and Darrel's passing of the recent nursing board exams). We caught up with the latest (and some of the older) news while eating and taking pictures. After dinner, we went to the famed Taksiyapo Wall and we gave the wall a good beating with *gasp* ceramic plates.

Yup, that's the Taksiyapo wall (as featured on TV) for you. It's a wall that is painted with common things that causes anger to most people. There are unreasonable bosses, work pressure, EXes, irate customers, loan sharks, as well as corrupt public officials targets that people can bombard with the things they would fancy. Available for throwing (and of course, smashing) are sandwich plates (P12 each), bowls (P14 each), dining plates (P30 each), lighters, wall clocks, vases, and... *drumrolls*

*even more drumrolls*

*and even more drumrolls* (yeah, I commissioned the drummers to extend the sound effects) :P


After paying for the items that will end up as bits of debris, a customer can release his/her anger by aiming said item towards the appropriate target. There's even a designated commentator who'd cheer you on. Just grab whatever item is within you budget (as well as throwing power), aim and shout, "TAKSIYAPO!"

The force of the shout alone can satiate bloodlust, but if that wasn't enough, the sound of shattering objects will definitely suffice. Or if one round didn't do it, there are plenty more to smash. LOLz

Yeah, marketing flick, but it's quite nice, not to mention that it really works. Kudos and more power to the people behind Isdaan!

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