Saturday, 16 February 2008

Regarding Rule#1

When I conceptualized this blog, I wanted it to be a repository of memories that I'd be willing to reminisce when the right time comes. Furthermore, I also aimed to make a feel-good blog that will showcase the optimistic side of me. Yeah, that is rule #1, and I don't intend to break it.

Thus, I've been writing less frequently these past few days. Recently, I've fallen into a bout of depression due to various matters (mostly work-related, but there are other contributors, too) and I'm still to fully recover from it. I just can't muster enough optimism to update; though I sometimes get some nice idea to write, I can't pull myself together to actually jot them down. Often, I'd start to write a few beginning lines but totally stop after the first two. I'm feeling down these days, but I'm recovering little by little.

This post is a testament that I'm on my way to recovery. I hope I can fully get over the depression soon. Summer is approaching, and I'm pretty sure this bad mood will not go beyond my favorite season.

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