Monday, 29 June 2009

Straight Slap

There are things that we usually expect to happen that, although expected, can sometimes hit us so strong in the face that no amount of preparation can compensate due to the suddenness that they occur. Like a strong slap delivered to your proffered cheek - you did offer the left one but the strength of the blow could just be too much.

As of now, I just wish the ones I'm expecting will not come at the same strengths as previous expected events. I did expect those things to happen (and still expecting the next few rounds), but yeah, I was still caught unprepared. But as they say, time to move on now that the burden is off my shoulders.

A/N: I just had to get this post out of my system so I can continue working on something I should be focusing on. Pardon the numerous times I used the word "expect" and its variants, I just am not in the mood to search for synonyms at the moment.

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