Tuesday, 9 June 2009


There are things I (thought I've) left behind way back the time I decided to grow out of a certain hobby of mine. Like a ghastly shadow silently lurking always but ever so near, however, it managed to resurface and get a firm grip on me that is almost as strongly as before. But it doesn't really matter, though. I have learned how to better control myself now.

Nonetheless, I got hooked (a bit) again; and this time I have to retake all the fundamental steps I have gone through before. And as with every other circumstance when one needs to relearn the ropes, there is always that time when one is able to reminisce of the good times. Yeah, I'm basking on those memories I thought I have already thrown to fly with the winds.

I'm back, and I'll try hard to do what I do best.

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