Sunday, 21 June 2009

Pushing the pen

I'M currently pushing myself to write; I have lots of things to work on, and I think it's about time I exert some effort to get them done. Apparently, my writing skills are at an all time low; I can barely string together two sentences to come up with a paragraph that, hopefully, makes sense.

Setting that aside, though, I allow myself to wallow in pleasant reverie as my actions bring forth fond memories of the days when I had been more proactive, and writing well enough. My "prowess" with the pen is still intact, as evidenced by the several blogs posts that had long been running in my head, although I haven't updated them to cyberspace, yet.

And then again, "yet" is the word. I'm yet to begin drafting that which-must-be-finished-by-tomorrow evening. Nothing to worry about though, I have the whole night to myself. =)

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