Sunday, 26 April 2009

Summer's missing

While scientists are saying that the freak weather the country is experiencing at the moment is a sign of global warming, I have an altogether differing view. Sure, having strong downpours during the month of April is something that hadn't occurred in recent history, and the shift in the air current patterns that is causing it is a side effect of the phenomenon.

But really now, people are missing something. Had it not occurred to many that perhaps this incident is mother nature's way of saying something like, "Well, since Jherskie ain't goin' to Bora due to the cancelled TCP, might as well postpone summer until next year..."

Lolz. =P

Just joking. ^_^ I also believe this is a sign of global warming, although acknowledging the cause can't get us anywhere near to stopping the rains during my beloved season. Moreover, it doesn't change the fact that after last month's escapade with the OSA babies, I still haven't been to another summer outing. All I've been doing for the past weeks are work-related activities that really aren't that fun. Sigh... =|

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