Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Not in the Best Mood

I really am not in the best mood at the moment. There are just so many events that took place recently, and they really do not leave the kind of memories you'd like to cherish.

Several years ago, I wrote in an essay that I'd like to live my life to the fullest and, one day, sit back and reminisce at how colorful my past would have been. I had always striven to fulfill just that, though at times I'd like to shoot myself in the head for trying out a few things I shouldn't have.

And right now, there are just so many of those "few things" that I'd wish I can undo. Too bad CTRL+Z doesn't work in real life, or else this post would have been entitled otherwise.

Well, I got involved in a vehicular accident about 3 weeks ago, and although I'm thankful there weren't any serious injuries, I can't help but get frustrated with the daily commute I'm forced to face until the insurance company releases the payment for the repairs. And speaking of said insurance company, the process may take a few months if the crew of the repair center is to be believed (the insurance company is notorious daw for it).

Of course, my professional career is not at it's brightest point again, with me almost changing my career path from a telecoms engineer to a computer programmer/accountant/PR officer.

But among my great frustrations is the fact that I'm still gaining weight (subcutaneous fats in particular) despite my frantic efforts to lose them. XD

If not for several fall back plans that prove to be working (and some back-ups that do not serve their intended purpose), I'm still able to keep myself afloat and not sink into another bout of depression. For one, I'm well aware that it'll take too much to get back up.

But most of all, I just can't afford to break down any time soon. There's light far beyond the horizon, no matter how faint it may seem, and the mere possibility of a slightly brighter tomorrow is all it takes to keep me going even if I'm not in the best mood.

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