Monday, 26 January 2009

The Path I'd Take

As with the previous year, I'd be putting greater focus on career development. I figured that it'd be best for me to grow up as a professional since I'm not really getting any younger. (Personal maturity still on indefinite hold) =P

In several posts last year, I mentioned several aspects of my job, particularly the PA or performance appraisal. If last year, the PA was too much of a big deal, this time around it was too much, let me say downplayed, for lack of a better word. And yeah, I had passed my PA report already without me blogging about it.

The PA will, of course, remain the basis of the salary adjustment and/or promotion recommendation. However, some department *cough* (HR) *cough* must've thought that rushing the appraisal process might save money or something so they hurried us line employees to submit our individual PA reports with just a few days of notice.

Yeah, I spent a bit of time with my report so I wasn't able to blog for the past weeks. But I did put my career as priority#1, right?

Last year, I said I'd make sure to be ready for a promotion this time around. But meh... I was more confident last year to get upgraded as compared to now. I won't expound more, as I don't want to bring up bad memories. XD

But if there's one thing I also decided, it will be this: that I'll be basing on the outcome of the appraisal the path I'd be taking a year from now. Put straightforwardly, if I get upgraded during this appraisal period, I'd consider extending my stay in this company even after my bond expires in about a year's time. If I get promoted next time instead, I'd decide whether to leave the company or not when I can officially tender my resignation. But if I'd still remain as a Junior Engineer after next year's appraisal, then there's no question about it: I'd be leaving on the first plane that'll take me elsewhere.


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