Monday, 9 July 2007

LATA: Call of Duty

From a technical point of view, the responsibilities of team ACeS is basically more encompassing in scope than most communications engineers; we are of course in charge of a whole network and it is our duty to ensure that processes are carried out in optimum condition. :P

Our concerns range from radio as well as gateway access, switching and transmission (radio and gateway accesses being provided by the Garuda and I-4 satellites, switching via our MSCs and transmission via microwave, leased line and fiberoptics) all in a day's work, which is eight hours per day at the minimum. It is rather startling to note, from an outsider's point of view, that the gateway is most of the time undermanned.

It is customary that weekend shifts are carried out in a single-duty basis, and graveyard shifts are but lonely almost the whole week. There had been several occasions when even the single duty is compromised; I myself have been forced to re-schedule restdays just to accommodate sudden lack in manpower.

Only yesterday, the slight fever I had for the past days had gone a bit worse. Yet I had to man the graveyard shift; good thing that I was feeling better by the time my duty began.

I know each member of team ACeS is hoping for an increase in manpower; I'm pretty sure we'd welcome all the help we could. Only, there's this news: no news about additional personnel on site, even if our network will get bigger come the launching of Batavia.

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