Thursday, 5 July 2007

LATA: Similarly Idiosyncratic

I’ve always known that my life here at ACeS had been much of a rollercoaster ride – it’s a series of ups and downs, spirals or straightforward journeys.

Just a few days ago, I’d rather stay at the office, working for at most 14days straight without any restday just because I love the office duty (and the ability to surf the net for free). Sad to say, that was the ups of the journey. Suddenly, my life is now spiraling downwards again.

One thing makes this day stand out is this: all of us junior engineers here seem to be experiencing an uphill slowdown in our own idiosyncratic ways. Three out of us six have love problems, I myself am having that lingering feeling of not being professionally satisfied, one is not having as much time as he would want to spend with his wife, and one missing his spiritual life. Jeez, it seems that we all experience the downward turn of life here at the office all at the same time.

The only bright prospect in the horizon is the fact that after the darkest hours comes the brightness of a new day. After the downwards spiral, the rollercoaster that we call ACeS life may well be going up again in its exhilarating way that leaves us breathless and yearning for more.

I just hope that some good news (preferably in the form of a contest result :P) will come up towards the end of the month, or early next month. These days, I can only look to the future, hoping that the coming of a brand new day heralds some good tidings.

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