Thursday, 16 July 2009

A post brought to you by the rains

EACH man has his own cross to bear, so they say. I firmly believe that, though at times I need to constantly remind myself that many of my current woes are not considered problems by some. Conversely, others are terrified of things that have not much bearing on my books.

I am in a continuous love-hate relationship with my job, and many times I really do feel like throwing in the towel and walking away. There are many moments when I simply think that I’m just a waste of salary at the office, but of course I realize that I’m useful in several other ways.

And my perpetual lack of direction has its up and downsides as well. I’m usually satisfied with being a feather blown by the winds – getting to places I didn’t know existed. But at the end of the day, I pose the question to myself, "Just where the heck am I headed to?"

There are lots of things I wanna do, so many destinations I desire to see. However, I’m usually out of energy to explore – these days I’m always slouching and passing the time away.

Sloth is such a sultry mistress whose tempting I simply cannot ignore. But she's gone for a moment, and I've got some time. And so here's another update, to this old blog of mine.


A/N: I really hate the strong rains for ruining my plans to watch Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince this afternoon. But it kinda made up for it by providing some inspiration, and a few rhyming lines, to re-liven this blog.

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