Monday, 3 December 2007

Too Many to Mention

Back in my elementary days when filling up slumbooks (er... is that the right term?) was quite the fad, you'd come across the phrase, "too many to mention." It's commonly found in the "Hobbies" field, and no one dares to ask for specifics because we all know that the only part everyone wants to read is the answer to the ever-controversial question, "Who is your crush?"

But no, I have no further desires for reminiscing my elementary days for today. I just want to bring up the aforementioned phrase because it succinctly describes all the happenings this weekend. As there are too many things to blog about, I guess I'll withhold my pen and wait 'til I get some free time in the office to share everything happened in my HeroCon a.k.a. Fanfare EB weekend.

I really need to sleep now 'coz I must go back to the forest in a few hours :p

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