Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Teh adventures of Mantis-Man

I said in my previous post that I'd stop to smell the flowers coz I seem to be taking things at a rather speedy pace. Well, sad to say, there hadn't been many flowers to sniff back at home. Good thing that Dad gave me something else that I think may suffice. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mantis-Man:

From Dad's back (wherein he first landed) he found his way into cyberspace. Yeah! Here's another pic:

To tell the truth, I hate these insects when I'm leveling my mage in the Louyang fields of pRO's Valkyrie server. They're aggressive and too much of a pest. But though they look so creepy in real life, I still find this rather old mantis kinda cute. So here are a few more pics:

Feeling a bit camera-shy...

And this, I presume, is their way of bidding their farewell.

Til next post! :p

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