Thursday, 1 November 2007

ACeS Survival Guide Part 1

This is one of those posts I've been meaning to put up ever since I started blogging. But it's only now that I find the urge to jot these down, hehe :p

Life in teh jungle is tough. Yeah, yeah, you're probably tired of hearing that from anything and everything about survival so I'll get direct to some major points. I'll introduce a few words that those who wander in this realm should know to be able to communicate properly with the creatures within (LOLz) as well as a some customs and traditions. Well, communication is of utmost significance so I'll tackle it first.

First word: Mutant. No, not X-men, of course. When team ACeS speaks of mutants, we are talking about any food that went through the, you know it, microwave oven. Likely, to mutate something means to cook it using the aforementioned device.

We use the microwave oven to cook anything from eggs, to instant noodles, to tocino. So yeah, we eat mutants for breakfast, and we're probably the X-Men's greatest fear. LOLz :p

Next word: The Chair. Actually, not really a word in a sense. When using the term, The Chair, the topic of the conversation is the sole conference chair in the control room that is pretty handy when you're too sleepy. Alam na. hehe :p

More words to enhance your vocabulary next time, as I'll move on to some important customs that visitors need to be familiar with. Foremost would be, visitors SHOULD have their birthday celebrations everyday. Harhar! (Actually, we're not imposing this one that much. C'mon, we could always celebrate your mom's birthday, or even your dog's. As long as there's ice cream) :p

And then there's the golden rule:

Anything that's on the table is free for all.
Harhar! Don't put it on the dining table if it ain't for everybody! ^_^ More survival tips when I've got 'em in mind.

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