Sunday, 30 September 2007


My campaigning activities for the poll that will determine the winner in GM Tristan's Group Writing Contest is, shall I say, getting a bit serious. A friend had commented that I'm getting desperate.


Hehe :p

Before going home for the weekends, I sent emails to everyone I know in the company. I've also advertised in the Ragnaboards, as well as in here.

When I got home, I flooded my Yahoo! messenger contacts with vote-requests. I've also posted a bulletin on Friendster. AND, I've texted all the contacts in my phonebook.

The last time I checked, I'm still lagging by about 26votes. If the figure remains that way, I'll be getting even more desperate, hehe. I still have a few contacts I've yet to ask for support. Been reserving the efforts (and gathering enough courage) to ask them.

At least all these have allowed me to get in touch with some of my friends whom I haven't been texting for a while. It feels good to know that my friends are doing fine in their current professions.

Anyway, I still managed to squeeze in a few hours to re-pot the orchids at home that needs transplanting.

Ah, the life.

EDIT: yesh!! I'm even more desperate now. I've already asked some of my superiors to vote :3

EDIT (again): Managed to get to the top after asking all the contractors here in the office (the ones who sold us the equipment we're using in the gateway) to cast a vote. ^_^

I'm still pestering asking my former colleagues in the college publication to vote :P

I do hope I get to stay on the lead especially since I won't be able to campaign as aggressively tomorrow and the day after that (which, btw, is the final voting day).


GM T said...

Habol! Habol! sa mga votes.

Good luck po!

Jherskie said...

tnx for dropping by, GM T!