Sunday, 23 September 2007


I've noticed that I haven't been regularly posting here in my blog. For the months of June, July and August, I was able to make 12 entries each. But for September, this is my 5th post.

Anyway, I've been keeping myself busy either with work or sleep :P

I've also gone on a 7-day self-imposed posting leave from the Ragnaboards (currently on day5) so I'm pretty much on a hiatus on my online life. Well, at least I've gotten some life back in the real world (and resumed my interest in gardening) :P

By the way, say hello to Sandra.

Yeah, yeah. Plants are not usually named as pets are. But I do have names for some of the orchids at home. Most of those plants that have names are named after the person who gave it to me. For Sandra's case, however, it's from the plant's scientific name, Vanda Sanderiana (which, in turn, is from Sanders, an orchid authority who I really don't know much as Wikipedia doesn't have an entry about him/her).


gerrycho said...

its not really weird to name your plant, siemps kung attached ka naman talaga dun diba...

i know someone who named his 6210 "gwyneth" weeeeh!

Jherskie said...

talk about attachment. the Staedler tube wherein I used to place my drawings back in college had a name (Geel) that I formed from some left over letter stickers. :P