Thursday, 2 August 2007

Little Hints

If my life is a journey, I'd say that more than once I had been just wandering around, drifting casually without a destination in mind.

Several times I had just followed where the flow may take me, not thinking about the direction I was going. And there are times even when I had some clear objective at hand, that I was but at loss in the hustle and bustle of the joy ride.

At times like these, I'd take a break, pause for a moment, and look around me. Always there'd be some hints, though mostly vaguely shrouded, that would point me in the right direction. These may be slight prod to take a path I'd rather not take, a gentle push to get me started on my way, or a strong blow on the head when I'm going all wrong.

Just a few days ago, I had been so lost, again. But after some quiet ruminations, I discovered that there are a few hints that were telling me where to go next. These directions had almost always led me to great destinations, so I hope this time I'd be going somewhere.

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