Sunday, 27 May 2007

Merry Month of May

May is ending, and with it the summer season gives way to the rains.

But before the month ends, I have decided to blog down certain highlights that made this month colorful and special for me. Hmmm… where should I start?

I’d say that the main reason for the kaleidoscope of color for this merry month is the flower blooming season. Summer flowers have this certain majesty in them, and I just can’t put in words how inspiring the blooms of the golden showers, madrecacaos, caballeros (to name a few) could be to a writer such as I. Even the cattleyas at home proudly bore their inflorescence, not wanting to be left behind in nature’s own beauty contest.

But perhaps what made the month even more colorful is the past election, especially when the campaign paraphernalia literally covered the country in varying hues, shades and tints. I hope that after the votes are canvassed and winners are proclaimed, the current political system will start changing for a more mature, and better, one.

At any rate, personal experiences are what made this month special for me. Yeah, they are not really that exceptional, but I’d treasure them nonetheless.

First of all, I got to drive from our office to Olongapo and back! ^_^ To think that I can’t even take our jeep to the market, which is about 3 kilometers away, and I was able to handle the ford pretty well (we call it ford, so I don’t have much idea what model it actually is). That’s the first time I handled a ford and I didn’t make much mistakes :p (as of now, I’m still to apply for a professional driver’s license since I haven’t finished the apprenticeship period for student drivers).

That experience made me wanna have my own car or something! For the record, my dad won’t even let me drive at home before that. Now he’s asking that we buy a new vehicle (though I doubt if I’ll be able to take a multicab to work, or if I’ll even want to drive it X_X).

Second is the on-going trainings for our new Ericsson MSC (pretty technical) for which I’m bonded so I can’t go out of the country within the next three years. Like I have plans on going abroad for the next two years… (basically, I can’t since I’m still fulfilling the terms of the scholarship contract I entered into with DOST back in college)

Owkay, with the current salary I’m getting, I might decide to seek greener pastures elsewhere. Hehe.

Also related to the Ericsson seminar, I’ve finally managed to squeeze in some physical workout into my daily schedule. This is because the seminars are done during the day, so I report for duty during regular office hours ^_^ That means that evenings are free. And I did manage to find a badminton partner in a health-conscious colleague (before the seminar, we were working on shifts so we can’t play badminton)

But most of all, I finally decided to go back to writing. Lots of free time, plenty of chances to blog, write stories and join contests! :p I’m currently working on one, and I hope I finish it by Monday evening at most.

Sigh… what a good month. I did enjoy my summer.

I’m not really looking forward to the rainy season (though it inspires me more in my writings). But hey, time can’t just stop, can it? There’s really no reason to stay in the past (and accept it, it’s not even possible as of the moment). I hope the rains don’t bring too much downpour.

I don’t wanna buy a new umbrella :p

Edit: The ford I'm talking about is a FORD RANGER. Yeah, yeah, it's almost four months since I wrote this blog but it's just now that I remember to make some revisions.

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