Tuesday, 22 May 2007

The Calm Before the Storm

Rain is pouring heavily outside, and as I expected, power went down for a bit. I therefore had to evacuate from the PC I was using a few hours ago (no UPS = dead PC) and use another one. I don’t know if we’re using the standby generators since the recurrent peals of lightning is enough to drown out the idiosyncratic sound of the aforementioned devices :p

Only last night, I hung the laundry to dry outside just to be startled by a sudden downpour about an hour later. I do recall that the sky was clear before I went in so I was surprised when I heard the eminent sound of heavy rainfall.

Today, the weather had been calm that I totally forgot that ‘Amang’ is rampaging. Well, as my old time pal Anonymous had said sometime in 1576,

"Calm continueth not long without a storm."
I think there is a scientific explanation about this, but I do not desire to delve into such details anyway. I'm not really interested in meteorology, anyway.

The thing is, there are times when one supposes that things are going smoothly. At one time or another, people feel that ‘wala na silang hahanapin pa’ when in reality they are just in the period when the tempests are about to run amok.

I shudder at the idea that I may truly be at that point in my life. As of the moment, I’m rather satisfied with my professional life, and very little problems cloud my horizon. Even the on-going tally of the previous election seems to be clean.

I’m hoping that if there really is a storm well under way, I am best prepared for it.

PS: The power conked out again. This time I can hear the generators humming, the rain seems to have stopped.

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Politico Rodrigues said...

You should read the book titled "The Tipping Point". Factual data that will scare the hell outta ya! =O