Friday, 30 October 2009

Caught in the midst of things

IN as much as I would want to say that I had been lazing about and I had neglected this corner of the web, I know very well that that will not be truthful. But not totally, for being wrapped within sloth's welcoming embrace had been instrumental for the very long inactivity in this blog. Also, the previous entry before this isn't really counted, as it was done for a particular advocacy.

Caught in the midst of things pretty much sums up all the reasons I can put forward as to why the last real update had been in September. I'm not complaining though, since at the very start of the year I had plainly stated I'm putting my personal thoughts on second as I prioritize my career.

There are moments though, very precious and few if I have the liberty to add, when I just can't put anything before my desire to sit in a special corner and allow my thoughts to conjure prose that will truly embody the ideas flowing around in my head. Now, when such instances happen to coincide with the availability of time, or urgency of need, I manage to update and enliven this blog.

However, such occurrences got rarer and rarer as tons of work-related tasks filled my schedule. And as of the moment, I'm caught in the midst of anticipation and preparation for another storm that threatens the country.

In their truest sense of "corporate responsibility", my bosses stationed me to what we may call the "front lines" in this line of duty I belong to. Staying in this hotel since last night, though, gave me the opportunity to relax (sort of) and write; the typhoon is expected to hit land in two to four hours but there is but trickles of rain and mild breeze where I'm at.

Therefore, I take the liberty to write something down, to remind me that I must not give up on the plans I've already set. And as I go about doing things according to plan, I still must not set aside everything that truly defines who I really am, even if I'm too caught up in the midst of things.

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