Friday, 29 May 2009

This post is brought to you by... (AKA, Wowowee is an insult to the Filipino intellect)

For what can be considered among the longest time ever, I've been procrastinating over and over; hence, the inactivity in this blog. No, scratch that. I haven't been procrastinating; I've been deliberately stopping myself from posting.

You see, I haven't been getting some good inspiration to blog about. All I've been thinking are negative thoughts, especially with what's happening in the country these days.

But since I do know that it doesn't do me good to keep all of such things to myself, I might as well let it all out in this (increasingly becoming common) rant post. To simplify things (as I'm just venting out anyway), I'll put them in a little list.

  1. As stated in the title of this update, "Wowowee is an insult to the Filipino intellect." I've been hating the show for years now, trying hard to distance myself from the accursed noontime show. But during those times when I simply can't avoid it (like when people in the office are watching, and I'm hurrying to finish a report), my disgust at everything in it just enforces my view.
  2. Follow up to #1, "Wowowee is exploiting stupid viewers." Forgive me for the term, but I just won't bother myself in trying to find another phrase when that is exactly the point I'm saying.
  3. Filipino politics is getting worse and worse as years go by. I have *almost* lost all hope in the mother land. I just pray that the coming election next year (if it will not be postponed by the corrupt politicians in power), will NOT be the final nail to the coffin in which the future of the country will be trapped forever.
  4. I'm slowly giving up on the Philippine Senate as well, particularly seeing the likes of Bong Revilla (who's using a scandal just to get publicity as he can't do anything else to be noticed by the public), Mar Roxas (shamelessly using a woman, and a few paid kids, to further his unpopularity and political career), and Manny Villar (who's just a plain hypocrite). If there is one redeeming action that the other Senators can do to salvage what is left of their dignity, that will be to kick Villar out due to abuse of position in relation to the C5 extension controversy. And by the way, I do believe he's guilty of using his influences for financial gain.
  5. Stupid Filipino soap operas are the main culprit behind the sorry state that the country is in. As long as there is one STUPID Pinoy soap opera that basically tells the viewers to take the Martyrdom expressway via STUPIDITY lane, then we'll never run out of citizens willing to sell their votes during the elections. And there goes the last rays of hope for a better future in this (slowly becoming God-forsaken) place.
End rant post. I do hope I won't be updating anything like this anytime soon.

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