Tuesday, 16 October 2007

In our own personal ways

Perhaps the best way to deal with our current environment problems is for everyone to get involved. The personal contribution of each member of society is necessary if we are to move forward in our battle for a healthier environment.

What can we do? Yes, that's a good question which, I think, many others have provided an answer to. I personally believe that whatever we do for the environment need not be in gigantic proportions. Rather, it is sufficient that we take the battle for a greener environment into our daily routines.

Simple actions like conservation of energy in our homes, as well as paper and other materials in our offices and the constantly-called for "reduce, re-use, recycle" of various matter are what everyone should do. Not only do these help the environment, it also helps that particular person, too, to save on unnecessary costs such as on electricity, among others.

While it might be true that the combined "little" efforts of the common people will not actually compensate for all the waste coming from big-time pollutants such as factories, I say that the collective effort can stimulate something else: environmental awareness. Thinking green, if done by everyone in a community, can serve as a vital safeguard to ensure that the succeeding generations will pick up from where the current leaves behind. In other words, planting the seeds of environmental awareness now will yield a new breed of people who will strive to continue what we started in the future.

Furthermore, if everyone thinks green and patronize only the companies and commercial establishments that do not bring harm to the environment, I believe that those "huge" corporations will sooner or later yield to their calls. It's just best to start acting now, in our own personal ways.


Anonymous said...

its so EASY for you to say to think green. but the realization first should come out in changing the beliefs and lifestyles. ok, what am i saying? you can't simply command everyone to use blah blah blah and or recycle, reduce, reuse WITHOUT explaining on what will happen aka the science behind it (believe me, not all people know or even bothered to think about it) AND PLEASE consider economy, efficiency, practicality. Like, how much are you willing to give up your aircon for passive colling in office for instance. Environmentalism (if it still IS alive) is not like a mere talking machine.

Here's one thing: There are now waterless toilets. After excreta, you cover the feces with ash and leaving it to dry. Think about if you run it with the usual tank type toilets in the market.

My point is please be objective about the topic. state facts and figures if possible. how can you persuade people to think green if you can't prove the lifestyles has to be changed? pls forgive me for this, but it SEEMS that you would just like to impress yourself with a plain consciousness without diving into its real condition.

Jherskie said...

In as much as I would like to appreciate your objectivity, Mr./Ms. Anonymous, I can't help but see that you miss my point. But thanks for the great comment, anyway.

Yes, I didn't specify anything in the post. I was only trying to put across the message that we need to take things into our own hands, with our own hearts and souls. We need not parade in the streets and join the clamor for going GREEN in everything we do. And neither was I implying that people change their lifestyles to suit the environment.

On the contrary, I'm calling that people who read my blog should ADAPT their lifestyle to help the environment.

To put it succintly, everyone should find what they can do for the environment and JUST DO IT.